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Words from A well slept Parent

“Jensine was so helpful with our sleep training program. Our 5 month old little girl went from sleeping a few hours at a time and up every day around 4 to sleeping 7:30-6 almost every night now. She is able to settle down and fall asleep in 5 minutes (most often less), previously she would take hours to fall asleep.

Thanks Jensine for all your help and words of encouragement!!”



“I worked with Jensine to sleep train my baby girl. She’s always been a really challenging sleeper. I’m EBF and even after she turned six months old, she was still getting up anywhere between two and five times a night. I had to nurse her back to sleep every time. My husband and I were zombies and I was reaching a breaking point. Enter Baby O and I! We had a call to talk about my daughter and her sleep challenges. My husband and I were not comfortable with just leaving her in a room to cry it out alone. Jensine helped us come up with a different plan and checked in with us multiple times during the two weeks. The first night was hard (but nowhere near the worst we’ve ever had). The second night she was only up once and went back to sleep after about 45 minutes without nursing. By the third night, she was sleeping the entire night through. It’s been like that every night since. We’re at 12 hours a night, with her going to bed on her own and putting herself back to sleep when she does wake up. This was the best money I’ve ever spent. I would highly recommend working with Jensine if you have any baby sleep issues. It’s worth it!”